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As a full service roofing contractor, Ferguson & Melvin Co. is capable of handling jobs of any size, from a 100 square foot gazebo to a 100,000 square foot warehouse.

Ferguson & Melvin Co. strives to be on the cutting edge of the industry, utilizing the latest technology in surveying, estimating, and state of the art roofing equipment. We have consistent and thorough supervision on every phase of a job – this makes for a very efficient, productive and quality-driven process which ensures that all of customer’s needs and expectations are met. We work together to give our customers a high-quality, dependable, long lasting roof system.

Single-Ply Roof Installation
Single-Ply Roof Installation

The majority of our work is in the area of re-roofing of both commercial and residential structures. Transforming an old, weathered and damaged roof into a new, watertight roofing “masterpiece” is our specialty. At the same time, for our general contractor clients, we offer new construction roofing on commercial buildings, apartments, and condominiums.

For those complex, hard to diagnose commercial projects, we offer moisture surveys and asbestos testing to ensure everyone knows up-front what is going to be involved.

Custom Slate Roof Installation
Custom Slate Roof Installation

We do demolition and abatement for our re-roofing projects and know just how to handle jobs that other contractors just won’t attempt.

And no roofing job ever gets done without the involvement of some carpentry work and sheet metal installation. Our crews are experienced at handling whatever your roof throws their way and know just what to do to make the installation sound for years to come.

And, over the last several years, material technology has advanced to the point where coating systems offer a real viable alternative to re-roofing – it is often more cost-effective to provide a roof restoration ,as opposed to a full re-roof.

Solar Roof Installation
Solar Roof Installation

In many cases, owners don’t need a new roof or a restoration. Sometimes, a high quality repair is all that is necessary – if that’s the case, rest assured that Ferguson & Melvin offers the highest quality roof repair work available today. We also offer complete maintenance programs – for residential homeowners, building owners, HOA’s, and even municipalities. Ferguson & Melvin Co. offers a full line of solar products, including solar panels, solar roofing, and solar vents.

Don’t bet on just any roofing contractor. Who you hire is going to make all the difference in how your experience turns out. Let the professionals at Ferguson & Melvin Co. handle it and you can relax, knowing that your job will go smoothly.

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