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Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

You can count on the expertise and custom precision of our highly trained professionals at Ferguson & Melvin. We are proud to install only the best sheet metal products for home or business. We use top-notch sheet metal materials and install them using only the highest quality techniques available.

Our craftsmen provide full-service sheet metal design, fabrication, and installation.  This includes counter-flashing, coping metal, edge metal flashing, and gutter and downspouts systems.  On certain projects, we offer standing-seam metal roof installations.  We use only high quality galvanized metal, bonderized metal, copper, or Kynar-finished metals for your project.



copper valley metal
Copper valley metal

At Ferguson & Melvin, we can fabricate and install our own custom flashings for your project.  This includes counter flashings, valley metal, edge metal, scuppers, custom pipe flashings, and much more.

The material we use range from galvanized, bonderized, copper, Kynar, and lead.  With all of our copper and lead installation (and most galvanized and bonderized jobs), we hot solder all joints.

Old world quality is our top objective, because not only can top notch sheet metal flashing add aesthetically to your project, but often times it is one of the most critical items for waterproofing!!

coping metal
Coping Metal with clip system








Gutters and Standing Seam Roofs

At Ferguson & Melvin, we pride ourselves on the level of quality we provide in our gutter and downspouts installs.  Most companies install the least expensive gutters available on the market, namely seamless aluminum gutters.  While we do offer this type of gutter, we also are able to handle much more high-quality and complex gutter installations.

copper gutter system
Copper Gutter system

Our copper gutters system, for example, offer un-paralleled quality and a timeless look that adds values to your project that is hard to equal!

We can also match that look on your standing seam roofing project, with copper and craftsmanship that will make your job stand out above the rest.



commercial gutter
Commercial Gutter system

For the commercial project that requires a more industrial application, our gutter and downspout installs offer durability and affordability, while adding to the integrity of your building.  Typically, industrial gutter installs utilize Kynar metal, which is a pre-finished product, with its finish typically designed to last up to 25 years without painting.

When coupled with our expert roofing workmanship, craftsmanship guarantees, and stellar warranties, you get peace of mind with our sheet metal services throughout Southern California.

Standing Seam Kynar finish

Available in a variety of colors, styles, textures and materials, sheet metal can be fabricated to fit your unique needs, whether for a home, an office building or an industrial facility.  And standing seam metal roofing has the added quality of a roof that usually does not need to be maintained or replaced for up to 30 years. And, it gives your building the look of quality you strive for.



Experience & Expertise

You can count on our sheet metal craftsmen to deliver on high levels of expertise in regards to sheet metal flashing, gutters, and standing-seam roofing, using their finely honed, cutting-edge skills. Our crews have vast experience installing all of the material shown above, and much more.

Come to Ferguson & Melvin, your one-stop-shop for comprehensive roofing and sheet services. Our mission today is the same as it was nearly 40 years ago: to provide quality customer service using high-quality material, at a competitive price.

Please give Ferguson & Melvin a call today for a free, no-obligation estimate at 800-974-ROOF.  Or click here to request an estimate.

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