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Roof Restoration

It’s not uncommon for us to be called out to inspect an aging roof, perhaps one that has some leak issues, only to find that the condition of the roof is sort of in between what we call ‘at the end of its useful life’ and what we would call ‘good condition.’ This is especially true on commercial roofs – more specifically flat roofs on commercial buildings. Many times, the roof is still new enough that it doesn’t merit being replaced completely. But maybe it’s been repaired too many times already.

BUR Roof - Before Restoration
BUR Roof – Before Restoration

In these cases, it often makes sense to consider a roof restoration. What a restoration basically means is that we will keep your existing roof intact – but we will make it better than it is now. The purpose is to not only stop any leak issues, but to also extend the useful life of the roof. And this can often be done at a lower cost of installation, with less tenant disruption, and with a shorter duration than a re-roof. This process is actually very simple.

We first make a determination if a restoration is viable. For example, is the roof still in good enough condition to save? Does it have good drainage, etc? If so, we then look to the owner to consider budget factors, along with the desired warranty that makes sense for his/her current ownership situation. Then based on these factors, we can design a system to fit your needs.

Our restoration process varies slightly from project to project. But in general, we use a cool roof system that consists of fibrous asphalt emulsion, embedded with polyester fabric. The final layers of the system are the elastomeric cool white roof coating – we work with and recommend the top quality coatings by Apoc company.

Metal Roof Restoration Process
Metal Roof Restoration Process

On metal roof projects, we use a process that consists of pressure washing, priming, sealing all fasteners, and then coating with elastomeric cool white roof coating.

What owners like best, beside saving tons of money and having no more leaks, is that their newly restored roof looks great! It is brilliant white and reflects the sun – our restorations all meet Title 24 energy requirements, which means you will start saving money on your energy bills right away.

And what’s also exciting is that a restoration will extend the life of your roof for up to 10 years or more, depending on the system you choose. At about ½ the cost of a new roof, that makes a lot of sense. Keep in mind also, that the full cost of your restoration is a write-off on your commercial property – a new roof on the other hand is considered a capital improvement, and must be amortized over many years. So the tax benefits factor make a restoration even more attractive.

BUR Roof - After Restoration
BUR Roof – After Restoration

Whether you’re considering a roof restoration, a repair, or a completely new roof, our expertise and experience will help you to make the right decision. We will educate you, guide you, and assist you to make sure your experience is as positive as it can be.

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