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Here at Ferguson & Melvin, we place a high priority on using the very best quality rigid insulation for your building. For superior energy efficiency and improved drainage, our team proudly installs only the highest quality insulation and tapered insulation systems, throughout Southern California to save you money on your energy bills and get that water off your roof.


Energy Savings

One of our specialties here at Ferguson & Melvin is custom rigid insulation systems for your commercial flat roof application.  We install both polyisocyanurate and polystyrene rigid insulation over wood, steel, and concrete decks.  Our rigid insulation systems are available up to R-30, for the maximum in energy savings.

The standard building code for new construction, under Title 24, calls for a minimum of R-30 insulation at the roof envelope.  Generally, it’s most cost-efficient to install batt-insulation on the inside of the building, under the roof deck.  However, in the case of steel or concrete decks, it is usually not possible to do this.  So, rigid insulation becomes the option of choice.  Also, in certain pitched roof applications, there is no attic space for the batt insulation, so the rigid insulation on the roof is the way to go.

By providing your building with R-30 on the roof, you will substantially lower the heat transfer into your building, which will save you potentially thousands of dollars a year on your energy bills.  Ferguson & Melvin can produce a report, using actual data from your building to tell you how much you can save by insulation – it’s called a Roof Sense report.  As your Ferguson & Melvin representative about a free evaluation!


Slope your Roof

One of the biggest challenges in commercial flat roofing is providing enough slope for the water to drain off properly.  This is particularly true when your roof deck is structural concrete, as many commercial buildings are.  When a structural concrete deck is poured, it is typically poured level.  However, this is not helpful for drainage – so the solution of choice is to use a tapered rigid insulation system.

Here at Ferguson & Melvin, we specialize in tapered rigid insulation systems. Once you provide us with the architectural roof plan for your job, we can digitize that plan and design a tapered system that meets your specifications for both R-value (min or average) and for slope to the drains. Once this design is approved, we have the experience and technical expertise to order what is needed and get it installed perfectly!!


Insulating Since 1979

Ferguson & Melvin has nearly 40 years of experience with energy-efficient roofing construction. Our goal is to maximize your energy efficiency through quality insulation to save you money on your energy bill and provide added protection through proper drainage.

Tapered Rigid Insulation System
Tapered Rigid Insulation System, R-30 min

Prior to you committing to any roofing or insulation project, we will provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your options, budget and energy efficiency goals. We’ll go over all the differences between insulation type, thicknesses, and taper – so you get our full spectrum of offerings.

Because the right insulation and roofing, along with top-quality installation, all contribute to the end result, it’s crucial you make the right choice in roofing contractors in Southern California.

We provide our clients with personalized service, through a unique blend of integrity, honesty, high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

For a FREE, no-obligation consultation on roof insulation today, please call Ferguson & Melvin at 800-974-ROOF or click here.


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