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Commercial roofing is not always completely specific to commercial buildings – sometimes commercial roofing is used on residential structures. Most often, commercial roofing is a term used to describe roofing methods and materials that are common on buildings that have commercial uses and certain types of roof construction. This construction can include both flat roofs and roofs with steep slopes that shed water. In most cases, though, commercial buildings, apartments, etc. have flat roofs that require very specialized roof systems to prevent water intrusion.

Commercial Roofing
commercial BUR roofing

Historically, the most common type of commercial roofing has been a capsheet or gravel roof, installed using hot asphalt – this is referred to as a built-up roofing system. It is the most tried and tested system in existence today. However, due to safety concerns and environmental regulations, other systems like single-ply roofing have become increasingly popular. These systems utilize higher technology materials and require more skilled installers, and at the same time they provide energy savings and longer life spans for your roof. In addition to single-ply roofing, modified bitumen roofing has also become more common over the last 20 years. Modified bitumen, which comes in both a hot asphalt-applied version and a torch-applied version is still an asphaltic based roof system. But, it provides more elasticity and better performance than traditional built-up roofing and more installation flexibility on smaller projects.

Sheet Metal
custom sheet metal

Since the mid 2000’s, coating technology has reached a point of quality that has made it possible for cool roof coating systems to become very prominent. These systems can be used to extend the life of an existing capsheet roof or to restore it to like-new condition. It is ideal for large structures that are looking to reduce energy consumption and save money on roof replacement. On selected structures, metal roofing can add an architectural accent to convey style – it is lightweight and comes in a large variety of colors.

Flat roofs are the most common type of commercial roof. And, the most common problem we see on flat roofs is ponding water – it’s caused by inadequate drainage. This is usually due to the building not having enough slope built in at the time of construction. Sometimes, the roof deck can “sag” over time and cause low spots. The answer is sometimes a tapered rigid insulation system – it can provide the needed slope to get rid of those ponds. It can also add critical R-value to your building to save you money on your electric bill. Ferguson & Melvin Co. is the tapered insulation specialists!

Commercial Roofing
custom carpentry work

And, if your roof needs any carpentry work to correct those sags, or if you need new roof drains, we’ll take care of that, as well.

For buildings that use a parking lot as their roof, you know the hassles of constant leak issues for tenants. Roof top parking structures take a lot of abuse – we can fix it with a high quality waterproofing system. Let us re-coat your structure and alleviate those worries. And, if your job requires any custom sheet metal we offer full-service sheet metal installations, also.

In Southern California, it is best to consult an experienced roofer that knows what types of roofing materials are best for a particular type of roof construction.

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