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Ferguson & Melvin Co. has been roofing apartment buildings in the Los Angeles area for the last three decades. There are a number of special requirements that apply to multi-family projects that not all roofing contractors are equipped to handle. We are not only equipped to handle those challenges, but we are proficient at it.

Sunset Loft Apartments
Sunset Loft Apartments

Apartment managers and owners have one main goal – keep the building occupied with tenants paying rent. At the same time, you must try to keep maintenance costs to a minimum and avoid any compliance or legal issues, at all costs. As a matter of law, tenants can actually refuse to pay their rent if the roof leaks over their unit. And owners can do very little about it, until the problem is addressed. More and more, tenants are becoming savvy about what their rights are – if they see a way not to pay, they will take it. And god forbid they get a lawyer that tells them they can sue for damages because they suspect mold in their ceilings. Uggh! It’s simply better to avoid getting into this situation.

Regular roof inspections and maintenance is your best defense to avoid these kind of tenant issues. At Ferguson & Melvin Co., we offer ongoing maintenance contracts that essentially let you put your roof out of your mind – we handle everything. We recommend coming out once a year and perform the maintenance. At that time, if we see anything that requires additional work, we will advise you and provide a written estimate. If you have a leak in between maintenance, we can usually repair it very inexpensively because we know the roof and have been taking care of it correctly.

DaVinci Apartments
DaVinci Apartments

When your roof is ready to be replaced, we will walk you through the bidding process and the roof installation, from tearoff to final inspection. While most apartment roofs have many of the same components that a single-family home has, apartments require installers who carry a whole new set of skills. We are proud to say that our roofing pros are a cut above the rest. We are knowledgeable in local codes for apartments and experienced in working with managers to resolve any tenant complaints that may arise during the roofing process.

We constantly keep the jobsite clean and make sure that your common areas and parking lots are clear and can be used, so tenants can come and go as needed. And, we don’t waste any time – we get in and get the job done, so things can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Best of all, we work around your schedule, as much as possible, and offer the same great labor and material warranties that we offer for our largest commercial customers. Let Ferguson & Melvin Co. evaluate the condition of your apartment roof. Call our office today at (800) 974-ROOF or click here to request a quote.

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