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Project Types

Your roof is one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your building or home. But, a good quality roof is money well spent. Not only does your roof protect your building, it also protects the contents inside – this usually includes expensive equipment, furnishings, or belongings. And, don’t forget that the people inside are counting on the roof to keep them dry and safe from the elements. When a roof is properly installed, it can save you money on energy and increase the value of your property.

Custom Home Roof Installation
Custom Home Roof Installation

Ferguson & Melvin Co., since 1979, has completed hundreds of roofing projects for a wide variety of clients with a vast array of different types of roofs. We know safety, efficiency, and professionalism come first when performing our work.

So we will analyze your particular situation and create the most appropriate and cost effective solution for you

If you’re looking to repair or re-roof your home, you’re in luck. Ferguson & Melvin Co. is a premiere contractor in the industry, servicing homeowners all over Southern California for three decades. If you’re a manager or owner of an apartment building, we’ve got you covered – our portfolio of completed projects includes buildings from 3-unit duplexes up to 300-unit, multi-level structures. If you’re a management company or a board member on a HOA, we can help solve your condominium roofing problems. We’re experienced in working with boards and are well-suited to make presentations that make the decision making process simple.

Office & Retail Roofing
Office & Retail Roofing

For commercial property owners, we specialize in the inspection and renovation of multiple roof types for office & retail complexes. We know that keeping tenants happy isn’t easy – let us help keep them happy and paying their rent for you! For business owners in the manufacturing industry, your roof is your “force field” against big damage. A leaky roof is your worst enemy – damaged equipment, inventory, and raw materials is the last headache you need – let us prevent these problems by identifying potential issues, before they arise. For hospital administrators, realize that Ferguson & Melvin Co.

Hospital Roof Installation
Hospital Roof Installation

is experienced in dealing with your sensitive issues – sterile environments and delicate patient conditions are just a few of your considerations. We are experts in this working environment.

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