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Solar Roofing

Solar roofing is a viable alternative to traditional photovoltaic solar panels. It has the advantage of being integrated into your roof in a way that mounted panels are not. This end result is often a much more aesthetically pleasing installation – giving you the energy savings you need, while not sacrificing style. And style is important, especially if your roof is very visible – it can have a real effect on your resale value.

At Ferguson & Melvin co., we recommend and install the Apollo® series solar roofing modules. These modules are made for both composition shingle roof installations and for flat concrete tile installations. Both use the same solar technology but are profiled differently to integrate to your particular roof type.

From Sun to Savings in Four Easy Steps

1. Our Solar Systems Capture the Sun
From dawn to dusk, photovoltaic roofing absorbs sunlight and converts it into direct current (DC) electricity.

2. Our Inverter Makes the Electricity Usable
Your home uses alternating current (AC), and our inverter converts the DC collected on your roof into AC you can use.

3. You Use Only the Electricity You Need
The solar system will generate a portion or, in some cases, all or more electricity than your home uses during the day. Your home will only pull electricity through your electric meter when you need more than your roof collects.

4. Get Paid for the Extra
If you don’t use all the electricity your roof makes, the excess power flows back through your meter into the power grid. And your electric bill goes down even further as a result.

Apollo® uses polycrystalline silicon solar cells to capture and convert more solar energy per square foot. Apollo Solar Roofing® is the versatile solution for maximum power and flexibility in installation directly on new or existing roofs. Apollo generates power from high-efficiency polycrystalline solar cells mounted in arrays that produce 12 watts per square foot – more than double the output of some other technologies.

That means significantly smaller arrays are needed to generate the same amount of power. In fact, a typical 3 Kw household system requires only about 250 square feet.

Also, There is no need for a rack mount or structural reinforcement. And these modules come with a 25-year power generation warranty. They are rated Class A for fire and carry a 110 mph wind rating. This is important, especially for high wind areas or areas rated as high risk for fire by your insurance company, as many are in Southern California.That makes Apollo Solar Roofing one of the most environmentally conscious things you can do with your home for a beautiful, ecologically-sound future.

Solar PV Monitor

Data monitoring enables you to properly track your solar system’s production through a simple interface. You can view how many watts your system is currently producing and how much energy the system has produced during its lifetime. You can also track operating trends by the hour, day, week and month. The interface also displays how many pounds of carbon dioxide your system has avoided, how many trees it has saved, and how many gallons of gas it has displaced. Most importantly, you have the reassurance of knowing your CertainTeed solar system is operating day to day without waiting on a monthly energy bill to report its performance.

Benefits To Your Bottom Line

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit – one-time credit available now through 2016 on any residential CertainTeed solar roofing system.
  • State Rebates & Incentives – Solar is hot, and many states, counties and even local governments have programs to support it. Let us help you find and handle your local rebates or visit for more information.
  • Utility Company Rebates & Incentives – Check with your local utility to see if they’re one of the growing number of organizations that are supporting the expansion of solar to homes.

Most rebates and incentives can be found simply by entering your information into the box to the right. Or call your Ferguson & Melvin co. representative for more information.

Ferguson & Melvin Co. supervises all of our solar roof installations and guarantees the highest level of quality and service from our staff on the roof and in the field. We strive to provide the best suitable solar roofing product, designed to meet your roofing and solar needs.

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