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Ferguson & Melvin Co. offers the latest technology in green roofing, some of which has actually been used for centuries. Because of the recent increased awareness of the environment and the effects on climate, this technology has seen a resurgence. Many new architectural designs for roofs on large commercial buildings, and even smaller ones, are now inspired by old world methods.

Greenscape Roof
Greenscape Roof

Architects and builders alike around the world are using a combination of new world roofing membrane technology and old-world design to create beautiful rooftop garden roofs, called gardenscapes, that can not only keep you protected from the elements but grow your organic vegetables! These garden roofs are becoming increasingly popular in Southern California as a means of utilizing the hot sun, while helping protect the environment.

With a typical roof system, the sun’s rays heat the surface of the roof to extremely high temperatures, sometimes up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit or more – this heat migrates into the interior of the building, increasing the demand for cooling. With a gardenscape roof, the interior is well insulated from the sun’s heat – which saves the owner substantially on the electric bill. At the same time, the roof becomes a garden oasis, a beautiful retreat that can be used as a getaway.

Some commercial building owners even lease out these roofs to bio-tech companies or nurseries – this can take a portion of the building that normally produces no income and turn into a profit option.

Cool Roof Shingle
Cool Roof Shingle

For sloped roofs, Ferguson & Melvin offers a full-line of energy-saving options. First, we recommend that homeowners consider installing a cool shingle. These shingles look very similar to a standard composition shingle roof, but they reflect more of the sun’s rays. For an even rich look, we recommend a cool tile, which is engineered to perform like the reflective shingle but with enhanced style and definition.

The EPA estimates that about 1/6 of all the electricity generated in the US goes to air condition buildings. These Energy Star rated products reduce the amount of air conditioning needed and therefore electricity consumption. Reduced demand for electricity means less burning of fossil fuels and less pollution from power plants. And, by reflecting instead of absorbing the sun’s heat, a reflective roof can help reduce the “heat island effect” of large urban areas.

Regardless of why you choose a green roof, just know that by doing so you can save substantially on your electric bill, extend the life of your roof, and help the planet – all at the same time. It’s a win-win!


Whether you’re looking to install a few solar vents in your attic or a complete solar panel array on your commercial complex, Ferguson & Melvin Co. is your one-stop partner.

We have a big advantage in Southern California over many parts of the country because we have so many days of sunlight. Usually, this sunlight just goes to making the surface of your roof really hot, driving up your electric bill, because you run the air conditioner more. But, what if instead you were to harness that sunlight with solar panels or solar roofing, and instead turn it into your friend, saving you money and helping the environment. These days, with the cost of energy going up every year, it makes sense to look at generating some of your own power and reducing your dependence on the utility company.

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Even up to a few short years ago, solar technology had not advanced to the point where it made much sense to invest in it. However, recent improvements in silicon technology and manufacturing, along with continued governmental incentives, have made it worthwhile to reconsider. As time goes on, more and more building owners and homeowners will be turning to solar to take advantage of what it now offers.

There are several types of solar systems that can be installed on both commercial and residential structures – the most common type is the solar panel. Solar panels, sometimes called photovoltaic panels, absorb the sunlight and convert it into direct electricity (DC). With the use of what is called an inverter, that DC electricity in converted into AC, which you can use in your home or building.

The solar system will generate a portion of, or in some cases, all or more of the electricity you use during the day. With enough panels, you may never pay an electric bill again! Your system will only pull electricity through your electric meter when you need more than your roof collects. And, if you don’t use what your roof produces, the excess power flows back through your meter and into the power grid. And you get credit for that!

Solar Roofing
Solar Roofing

For those that don’t like the look of traditional solar panels but still want the advantages to help offset their rising utility costs, there are now other options available. The latest innovation in solar power technology is solar roofing – it comes in shingles, tiles, and standing seam metal profiles. In many cases it can be integrated directly into your existing roof, which makes it much less noticeable and much more aesthetically pleasing.

And, to go along with your new roof, don’t forget that proper ventilation is essential. Install some power solar vents on your roof and get the effectiveness of electric fans with the no-power consumption and low noise of a passive attic vent.

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