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Owner Info

Ferguson & Melvin Co. is operated by our owner, Tom Melvin. Our company was started in 1979 and run for 14 years by Mr. Robert Ferguson. Mr. Melvin joined the company in the early 1990’s. Then, in 1995, Mr. Ferguson decided to retire from the company and sold his interest to Tom Melvin. Mr. Melvin has owned and operated our company ever since.

Tom Melvin is a married, father of 3, and has lived in the Los Angeles area since 1967 – in fact, he was born that year, in the city of Glendale. He has gained his experience in the trades and his business skills from over 25 years of both formal education and “real-world” education running companies.

Tom holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and an Master in Business Administration (MBA) – Mr. Melvin describes those seven years of higher education as the most fun time in his life – although looking back, he says, “it was also a lot of work.” What he learned, most of all, was how to learn, how to organize, how to meet deadlines, how to handle pressure, and how to get things accomplished. It’s also one of his greatest sources of pride and accomplishment.

After college, Tom spent about 4 years in the corporate world. He left that life behind many years ago now and has never looked back. At this point, he can’t ever imagine returning to a traditional 9 to 5 office job.

Other companies Mr. Melvin has run have also been in the construction industry – he owned and operated SCV Painting Co., as well as a masonry company, Caddis Corporation, in the late 1980’s. Where he finally laid his claim in the industry, though, was as a roofing contractor. Owning Ferguson & Melvin Co. has provided him with a wealth of knowledge about how to create real customer satisfaction by providing value and ultimately how to succeed in business.

Our owner, Mr. Melvin, knows how to build customer trust and loyalty and he’s been doing it for decades. His philosophy is simple – always give more to the customer than they were expecting, more than they paid for. By doing that little extra, he believes that we are building equity – customer equity. And, ultimately, equity fosters trust and loyalty. He believes that a job always goes most successfully, when we treat our customers like partners – that partnership is what makes all the difference.

If you work with Ferguson & Melvin Co., it is quite likely that you will be working directly with Mr. Melvin. He likes to stay very involved, as much as possible, on all of our projects. And even if he is not your specific project manager, he is always available to all of our customers. He takes an active interest in making sure that you, as our customer, walk away happy.

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