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Our Guarantee

At Ferguson & Melvin Co., your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. To make sure that your experience with our company is as positive as possible, we offer a guarantee that you can count on…

First and foremost, we guarantee your total satisfaction with the end product that we deliver to you. Whether we install a new roof, install a solar system, or do a small repair, we guarantee that we will do what we say, the way we promise, and that after completion, you will be 100% satisfied. If you’re not, just let us know and we will make sure we do whatever is necessary to make it happen.

Of course, as with any company, we may differ at times with our customers on small things – after all, sometimes we see things from a different perspective than you. But, that is OK – we realize that the customer is always right. And, we also know that we are not PERFECT. Sometimes things get overlooked – but we guarantee that once something is brought to our attention, we will address it right away. Every company has issues on occasion, but it’s how quickly and with how much professionalism and courtesy that company handles the situation that makes the difference. We know that there’s nothing worse than calling a company that you have hired because of a concern and then not getting a return phone call or having your complaint dismissed as trivial.

20 Year Guarantee
20 Year Guarantee

We guarantee that we will never trivialize your concerns – we know that a client is investing their hard-earned money with us and placing their trust in us. We don’t take that lightly. You can always reach us when you need us, and we guarantee to get back to you quickly, if we’re temporarily unavailable.

The other way we guarantee that you get the highest value possible is by backing all of our installations by iron-clad warranties, on both labor and material. We can offer NDL (no-dollar-limit) guarantees up to 25 years for labor and material, on select systems.

Unlike many roofing contractors in the Los Angeles area, Ferguson & Melvin Co.’s guarantee actually means something! We have been licensed by the State of California since 1979 – and we have only changed our license number once – that was in 1989 and was because Mr. Melvin joined the company, which necessitated the legal change of the license.

Our license has been in perfect standing with the state for the last 23 years, and we have never had any disciplinary actions or violations. Make sure you check out any contractor that you are considering hiring – how old is their license and how many violations have they had? If a contractor has a newer license, ask yourself why that is – it’s very likely that they had to close their previous company and start up a new one, usually for legal reasons. Don’t risk it – hire a seasoned professional. Ferguson & Melvin Co. has been around for decades and we GUARANTEE that we will meet or surpass every expectation you have!

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